For the last several years I have been writing a monthly newsletter. This is a two page document that talks about what I am doing in the area of sustainabilty. Most are minor ideas and suggestions. I hope you find them useful. If you wish to subscribe, just email me at

You are free to use the content in these newsletters but I would appreciate acknowledgement.I wish to thank my friend Franciscus Henri for his monthly cartoon contribution. If you wish to use any of these cartoons for your own purpose, please first seek approval from him. Contact me and I will pass your details on to him.

October 2020 - Protesting (almost) cost me $5,000
September 2020 - Ben Pennings versus Adani
August 2020 - theABC Series "Saving Planet A"
July 2020 - The virus versus the Flu
June 2020 - Is Floor insulation worth it?
May 2020 - New Big Batteries
April 2020 - Skylight with solar panel
March 2020 - Extinction Rebellion at Bird Man Rally
February 2020 - A watched Jug never boils and Zali Steggall private memebers bill
January 2020 - Bushfires plus Solar panels and hot water
December 2019 - The year in review
November 2019 - Teslar Truck and semi trailer
October 2019 - Spring Rebellion Wrapup
September 2019 - Princes Bridge blockade
August 2019 - Climate Politics
July 2019 - Introducing the Spring Rebellion
June 2019 - I lose my Court case in Qld
May 2019 - The election. Now what?
April 2019 - My court case in Qld
March 2019 - School Children's strike for Climate
February 2019 - Banners on Freeways and Snowy 2
January 2019 - Extinction Rebellion and old fridges
December 2018 - The Extinction Rebellion
November 2018 - Adani - Good and bad news
October 2018 - Whirly Birds - Do they work?
September 2018 - The Naked Truth Calendar
August 2018 - PickMyProject - Solar panels
July 2018 - Flinders St protest and bare bums
June 2018 - Finders St Protest and the NEG
May 2018 - A Climate Emergency
April 2018 - Thermal Mass, good or bad
March 2018 - StopAdani and preparing your house for winter
February 2018 - Reflective properties of paint additivies
January 2018 - Insulation properties of paint additivies
December 2017 - My arrest in Qld at the Adani worksite
November 2017 - Adnai protests in Qld and a hetaer in the basement
October 2017 - The National Energy Guarantee - Good or bad
September 2017 - A vegetable garden on Eltham Station
August 2017 - Three electric storage projects in South Australia
July 2017 - #Stop Adani
June 2017 - Solar panels on Araluien and #StopAdani
May 2017 - #StopAdani and Solar panels are now cheap
April 2017 - Suggestions for a warmer winter
March 2017 - #StopAdani - A sticker campaign for Westpac ATMs
February 2017 - #StopAdani - Stop Australia's Mega Coal mine
January 2017 - Calculating shading effects on solar panels
December 2016 - An update on Araluen and 2016 in review
November 2016 - A community initiative - Solar panels for Araluen
October 2016 - The new Powerwall 2
September 2016 - Hot water service Temperature & Legionaire's disease
August 2016 - Hot water service Temperature
July 2016 - Solar Planes
June 2016 - Energy Usage in 10 years time
May 2016 - We "stopped the (Coal) Boats" at Newcastle
April 2016 - Newcastle blockade and a novel heater
March 2016 - "Climate For Change" and Imbedded energy of Solar Panels
February 2016 - Become Carbon Neutral for $10,000
January 2016 - 2015 being the hottest year on record, progress in decoding my remote control and double glazing double hung windows that have counter weights
December 2015 - about Paris and also about my latest scheme to redirect excess solar power to drive heat pumps
November 2015 - the effectiveness of fans plus some photos from the Climate March
October 2015 - Driverless cars
September 2015 - Greg Hunt and Sustainable House day
August 2015 - Gas versus Electricity for Heating and my simplest energy saving device
July 2015 - LED Filament lightglobes and door seals
June 2015 - The Pope's encyclical and a rant against overreaction to terrorists
May 2015 - Using your excess power from solar panels
April 2015 - Drying Clothes
March 2015 - Power Bills
February 2015 - Do the Maths - 80% of fossil fuels must remain in the ground
January 2015 - Batteries and electric cars
December 2014 - Solar Panels and Batteries
November 2014 - Geothermal power
October 2014 - My Turtle walk to Canberra - we arrive
September2014 - My Turtle walk to Canberra - we head off
August 2014 - My Turtle walk to Canberra
July 2014 - Turtle walk to Canberra and the future of coal
June 2014 - Turtle walk to Canberra and my glass carrying trolleys
May 2014 - My Turtle walk to Canberra
April 2014 - Our thermal camera
March 2014 - Summer to winter house conversion
February 2014 - Cheap cooling for a house
January 2014 - The shortest lived community garden, Airconditioners & heaters
December 2013 - The shortest lived community garden
November 2013 - Charging electric cars
October 2013 - A street based community garden
September 2013 - Sustainable living in a Yurt
August 2013 - Sustainable House Day and our new thermal camera
July 2013 - an old wood furnace used in rural Victoria
June 2013 - a house which would have been ideal for “Grand Designs” plus my first double glazing with Aluminium Frames
May 2013 - My working Hotbox and double glazing with bubble wrap
April 2013 - drying clothes and the Triton Super Jaws!
March 2013 - Making Cars more efficient
February 2013 - The need for population control
January 2013 - LED Light globes and Homemade Double Glazing
December 2012 - Improved Secondary Glazing
November 2012 - Electric Bikes
October 2012 - Wood fires and problems with my heat box on my roof
September 2012 - More on my heat box on my roof
August 2012 - Update on the 12 sq metre heat box on my roof
July 2012 - My design for a 12 sq metre heat box on my roof
June 2012 - My 3 “Home projects” - temperature sensors - Secondary glazing - booster fan for ducted heating
May 2012 - Upcoming Green Activities
April 2012 - A better way to seal your front door
March 2012 The Montmorency Community Group and a better way to seal your front door
February2012 “The Microsoft support scam” and (impractical) DIY ideas for generating energy
January 2012J Drying clothes, Door to door salesmen and getting discounts for your power, plus the efficiency of evaporative cooling
December 2011 Info on Durban and a way to increase winter sunshine
November 2011 Thermal images of double glazed windows and making your evaporative cooler more efficient
October2011 Making your internal fire or gas heater better and “infinite insulation”
September 2011 My Double Glazing article in the RENEW magazine and my latest plans for aluminium windows.
August 2011 Blocking out draughts.
July 2011 The carbon tax a cheap and simple pelmet for your curtains.
June 2011J Managing your heating.
May 2011 The plan to build ANOTHER brown coal power station in Victoria and the possible social effects of climate change.
April2011 The carbon Tax and how tipping points can cause runaway climate change.
March 2011 Solar panels, My Wind farm and progress with double glazing aluminium windows.
February 2011 The Sustainable Living Festival and water tanks.
January 2011 A cheap grey water system.
December 2010 My new company DIY Double Glaze.
November 2010 The Green Loans program and double glazing.
October 2010 Beer fridges and Hepburn Wind.
September 2010 Power monitors for the home and how to cook spaghetti..
August 2010 Sustainable Home Day and how we should work out the temperature we heat our house to.
July 2010 Sustainable Home Day, plus a comparison between boiling a jug and using a microwave.
June 2010 what I hoped Julia Gillard would announce in Parliament, plus some notes from the Deakin Lectures on Climate Change
May 2010 DIY Double Glazing and The Footprint Challenge
April 2010 Buy your own Wind Farm, and comments on the political reluctance to fight Climate Change
march 2010 It talks about the “Change to Winter” and how Renewable Energy can provide Base Load Power.
February 2010 It talks about the best way to keep your house cool and one of the talks at the Sustainable Living Festival – The Ethics of Climate Change.
January 2010 It talks about how you work out the cost and benefits of solar panels as well as talking about my experience with solar panels and the new “Smart meters”.
December 2009 Copenhagen – Success or failure, plus the myth that heating one room with electricity is better than heating the whole house with gas .
November 2009 The concept of our emissions in a lifetime, rather than annual emissions, plus discuss the myth of leaving lights on to save power.
October 2009 Provides an update on the Green Loans Program, talks about inefficient fridges, how to dry clothes and Winter mode versus Summer Mode, .
September 2009 Talks about the applying for Green Loans and down lights.
August 2009 Talks about the Green Loans Program and also has an article on using Heat Pumps for heating hot water
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